Our Vision
Our Vision  
Is for all youth to have a seamless educational experience and be poised to
make a difference anywhere in the world.

ASPIRA of Illinois seeks to realize the academic excellence of each student in a safe and culturally relevant learning environment that empowers students through education, leadership development and civic engagement, preparing them for a post-secondary education and meaningful careers.

Core Values
Student Focused
We are committed to elevating the self-esteem of all students through leadership
development and fostering their personal growth by encouraging lifelong learning.

Cultural Heritage

We understand the value of all students appreciating and understanding
their cultural heritage to build self-esteem and pave the way to academic excellence.

Service to the Community
We are committed to teaching students the value of improving the quality of life of
others and learning to be compassionate and understanding.

We embrace all aspects of human diversity and value its necessity
to ensure a vibrant learning environment.

We are committed to establishing partnerships with universities, the private sector,
nonprofit, and community organizations that will enhance the student's school experience
and their leadership development.